¡It´s time to be the change the world needs!

Together we will empower rural communities

Be volunteer in any of our different projects

We need you...if you are reading this, it means you have the heart to support this initiative. Go for it! Be part of the transformation of rural communities. Sun, beach, turtles, nature and others just like you from all over the world await.

Projects in rural communities

Participate in this great experience, support us and together we will develop a project that will change many people´s lives.

Garbage collection and recycling

Together we will complete a garbage collection day and different containers will be organized to classify waste and we will train communities on how to dispose of waste, recycle, compost and care for the environment.

Empowering rural communities

towards its own development

With your support, we will provide training in agriculture, commerce and entrepreneurship with a focus on sustainability. Empowering the community toward its own development.

Sea turtle conservation

With your support, we will build a turtle sanctuary, patrol the cost saving the eggs from depredators and we will be contributing to the marine ecosystem of thousands of turtles that arrive to the island. You can also help us protect baby turtle eggs during the spawning season.

Access to rural communities

Help us to facilitate access to rural communities and improve the

living conditions of communities.

Access to communications

Access to communications will be provided in different rural communities and training will be given on how to use them appropriately.

Home beautification

Be part of the change. With your support, we will improve the homes of more than 300 families in rural communities, adapting and painting the facades of their homes and eliminating the points of infection that are threating the family´s health.

Strengthening culture and recreation

Be part of scenarios for culture and recreation. With your contribution we will organize community cinema.

Grow as a person and share your energy with people willing to help.

Enjoy your experience with your partner while you get yo know each other better. 

Share the experience with your family and teach your children the importance

of helping.

Be part of the change and share the experience

with your friends.

Help a community while the members of your company get involved.



– Martin Luther King


Isla Cañas project

Access to the island

Sea turtle conservation

Culture and recreation

House beautification

New agricultural


Free internet connection

Garbage collection

and recycling



October, 2018


May, 2018

¡Awesome experience! I loved to be part of Power Pal Pueblo and volunteer to help the people of Isla Cañas, no doubt you grow as a person.

It was super fun and incredibly beautiful

to help in the project of sea turtle conservation. It was amazing to be part

of something so important.


August, 2018


July, 2018

Definitely, an experience you should do with you friends, you have a lot of fun while all of you put your grain of sand.

Everything was awesome! The people of Power Pal Pueblo is very committed to the cause in the island!